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The University of Iowa Student Government exists to empower students. By challenging ourselves and the University we seek to ensure a student-centered environment through education and advocacy. 

University of Iowa Student Government Constitution

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The University of Iowa Student Government, at its core, exists to empower students. One of the most notable roles of UISG is to allocate approximately $1.7 million from the student activity fee to fund student organizations, leadership development, and student services. By challenging ourselves and the University we seek to ensure a student-centered environment through education and advocacy. UISG consists of three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. 

UISG Finance By-Laws

UISG By-Laws

UISG & GPSG Joint Finance Committee By-Laws

UISG & GPSG Nominations Committee Procedures

UISG & GPSG Lecture Committee Nominations Committee Procedures 

Student Judicial Court By-laws


Outside of funding allocations and lobbying for student concerns at the local, state, and national level, UISG representatives work to make the everyday student experience more enjoyable. Some of our ongoing initiatives include providing 24 hour IMU service, a free Coral Ridge Mall bus route, Student Legal Services, Safe Ride, and Student Credit Money Management Services among many others. Even popular long-running programs, like Cambus, were originally started through the hard work of UISG. 

 Standing Committees


 The UISG sustainability works toward establishing a more sustainable campus by working with the Office of Sustainability and collaborating with other organizations on campus.


This committee works with multi-cultural student groups and organizations and works to ensure a more inclusive environment on campus. 

Community & Outreach    

The largest UISG committee, community and outreach works to engage the campus and city community in public works benefiting both groups as well as spread awareness of UISG and student activities. 

Academic Affairs              

Working on any initiative involving academics, this committee deals with student programming during exams and legislation affecting student concerns about classes.


The Student Assembly Budgeting and Allocating Committee is in charge of all UISG funding to student organizations throughout the three funding periods as well as financial literacy and student credit money management initiatives. 

Governmental Relations  

This committee works with the university's governmental relations office to put students in touch with legislators and advocate for student needs as well as voter registration events for students.

Student Life

The UISG Student Life committee deals with any and all things relating to student life on campus, especially extra student programming to make life at the UI more enjoyable, safer, and fulfilling. 


Nominations committee solicits and reviews applications for any UISG openings and Presidential Charter and University committees.

Get Involved 

There are five seats reserved for Freshman Senators which are filled at the beginning of the Fall semester. All students will be notified via email when the application is open. Selected applicants will be interviewed, and the chosen senators will serve with the 45 fellow Senators elected every April. Executive positions are primarily filled through interviews in the Spring but occasionally through open applications throughout the year as needed. Another leadership opportunity to consider are the Presidential Charter Committees; applications are released at the beginning and end of the school year. 


Contact Your Representative

Have a question about student organization funding procedures? Want to see something changed on campus? Just seeking more information? Send us an email at uisg@uiowa.edu, call (319) 335-3860, or visit us in our office in 260B IMU.