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The University of Iowa Student Government exists to empower students. We seek to ensure a student-centered environment through education and advocacy. One of the most notable roles of UISG is to allocate approximately $1.7 million of the student activity fee to fund student organizations, leadership development, and numerous student services. Members of UISG advocate for student interests at the local, state, and federal governmental levels, which has resulted in years of tuition freezes. UISG also works to improve students' everyday experience by providing 24 hour access to the IMU, a free bus route to Coral Ridge Mall, Student Legal Services, Student Credit Money Management Services, and Safe Ride. UISG consists of the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches. Each branch serves a particular purpose in the context of UISG.

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Legislative Branch

The UISG Legislative Branch is comprised of the Student Senate, which is charged with the duties of allocating funds and drafting legislation in the form of bills and resolutions. The Student Senate consists of 50 senators who each serve on two committees.


Academic Affairs

  • This committee is responsible for improving the quality of education at the University of Iowa and providing students with academic support services. In the past, this committee organized programming for students during final examination week and began reforming the use of course evaluations. The chair of this committee is Senator Chloe Cable.

Community and Outreach

  • This committee works to engage the University of Iowa and Iowa City communities in public works that benefit both groups while spreading awareness of UISG and student activities. In the fall, members of this committee organized a donation drive for the Iowa City Shelter House, donating 1,500+ items of clothing, food, and other supplies. The chair of this committee is Senator Benjamin Hyland.


  • This committee works to develop a more inclusive University of Iowa. Get to Know Us is an initiative managed by this committee, and this committee partners with multicultural student organizations to host Multicultural Formal in April. The chair of this committee is Senator Tayo Oladele-Ajose.

Governmental Relations

  • This committee works to advocate for student interests in the local, state, and federal governments as well as encourage participation in governmental elections. Members of this committee register students to vote in Johnson County, organize events such as debate watch parties, and partner with Hawkeye Caucus to meet with state legislators in Des Moines. The chair of this committee is Senator Mitchell Dunn.

Internal Affairs

  • This committee assists in the management of the Student Senate. It also solicits and reviews applications for membership in UISG and Presidential Charter Committees. The chair of this committee is Senator Lilian Sanchez. 


  • This committee is responsible for the coordination of any services or programs aimed at maximizing the safety of students on campus, and shall collaborate with existing campus and community stakeholders in the pursuit of these initiatives. The chair of this committee is Senator Lilian Burns.

Student Assembly Budgeting and Allocating Committee (SABAC)

  • This committee manages UISG's funding duties and promotes financial literacy. This year, members of this committee developed the Kickstart initiative which provides newly created student organizations with $100 to recruit members. The chair of this committee is Senator Adam Dellos.

Student Life

  • This committee works to make life at the University of Iowa more enjoyable and fulfilling. Improving mental health services and destigmatizing mental health at the University of Iowa are of great interest to this committee. The chair of this committee is Senator Lindsey Rayner.


  • This committee is responsible for coordinating the sustainability projects and general environmental awareness efforts at the University of Iowa. The Green Initiatives Fund is allocated by this committee to fund sustainability-oriented events and projects. The chair of this committee is Senator Akash Bhalerao.

Executive Branch

Members of the Executive Branch are charged with the duty of developing, implementing, and managing UISG initiatives. Members of the Executive Branch also commonly serve as liaisons to University of Iowa administration.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch interprets the UISG Constitution and UISG Bylaws when disputes arise, rules on the constitutionality of UISG's actions, and hears complaints submitted by the Student Elections Board and the Student Parking Appeals Review Committee.

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