Funding Topics

UISG does not have the funds to fully fund every organization on campus during each funding period. However, we do our best to meet the needs of student organizations. We advise organizations to look at other funding sources on campus (ARH, CSIL Grant, GIF), fundraise, and/or partner with other organizations. 

Upcoming Funding Deadlines: 

  • Funding Period 2: September 22nd, 2017
  • Funding Period 3: December 1st, 2017
  • Funding Period 4: February 2nd, 2018 (Tentative) 

Funding Period 2 will cover student organization expenses through December 15th. Funding Periods 3 and 4 will cover student organization expenses for the Spring 2018 semester.

UISG will allocate equal amounts during each funding period. During funding period 1, approximately $60,000 will be available for allocation. Funding period 2 is expected to come mid-September and fund organizations for the rest of the Fall Semester. Funding period 3 will come late fall and is designed to cover the Spring Semester. Funding Period 4 will come mid-Spring. 


Please review FY18 maximum funding standards before applying for funding on OrgSync. 

  • Funding Proposals

    Are you seeking additional funding for an event, program, or initiative? Do you have an idea for a collaborative event you would like UISG to sponsor or support? UISG is proud to support events, programs, and initiatives that target undergraduate students that promote and enhance student life and success on... Continue Reading

  • Requesting Budgeting Funds

    From the Home page of your Student Organization, click on “Treasury” and select “Budgets.” Select the “Period” that you are currently in. It will start with “FY” and then have the two numbers of the current year. Continue Reading

  • Max Funding Standards

    Max Funding Standards for FY18 have changed from previous Fiscal Years. Please make sure your organization plans accordingly. If you have any questions about submitting a budget or about the new Max Funding Standards, please contact Senior Financial Officer Jeremy Vogel at Continue Reading

  • Video Tutorials

    Process Overview Designating a Treasurer Filling out a budget request form Reviewing SABAC allocation decisions Spending allocated funds Continue Reading

  • Delegating a Treasurer

    From the Home page of your Student Organization in OrgSync, click on “People” and select “All People.” Check the box that appears to the left for whomever you wish to make the Treasurer. Click the tab entitled “Permissions." Scroll down until you see the list entitled “Treasury” and check mark... Continue Reading

  • Green Initiatives Funding

    The Green Initiative Fund, or GIF, is a grant offered through UISG & GPSG for student organizations that have projects on their agenda that overall promote sustainable or green practices and outcomes. The process of selection is outlined below, and the criteria is listed on the application.  Continue Reading

  • Travel and Equipment Funding

    The University of Iowa Student Government provides a supplemental opportunity for student organizations to apply for travel and equipment purchase funds. Student organizations can apply for these funds by filling out this form: Continue Reading

Funding Topics

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