Student Activity Fee

Each year, all undergraduate and graduate students pay a $72 Student Activity Fee. The University of Iowa Student Government and the Graduate and Professional Student Government are responsible for allocating this pool of money.

The Student Activity Fee is partly allocated to contracted organizations and Collaboratively Funded Organizations (CFOs). Contracted organizations are institutionalized services offered to students. Examples include the Food Pantry, the Rape Victim Advocacy Program (RVAP), and Student Legal Services. CFOs are groups with significant, wide-reaching campus impact and typically provide a service to students. Examples include the student radio station KRUI, Student Video Productions, and SCOPE.


After CFOs are funded, UISG funds internal executive, legislative, judicial, and stipend budgets. The Student Activity Fee is then split proportionately between UISG and GPSG (Graduate and Professional Student Government) based on total enrollment of undergraduate vs graduate and professional students.

UISG uses this money to fund student organizations, student services, and campus initiatives. The UISG Student Allocation, Budgeting, and Auditing Committee (SABAC) allocates these funds to undergraduate groups and ensures student organizations are supported in their financial endeavors.

All unused Student Activity Fee money is put into a contingency account. UISG is required to keep a contingency balance of between $60,000 and $120,000, and the purpose of this account is to have money set aside for financial emergencies.