Green Initiatives Funding

Are you a student organization that promotes sustainability? Then you might qualify for funding from UISG & GPSG Green Initiative Funding.

The Green Initiative Fund, or GIF, is a grant offered through UISG & GPSG for student organizations that have projects on their agenda that overall promote sustainable or green practices and outcomes. The process of selection is outlined below, and the criteria is listed on the application. 

General Process

  1. The Green Initiatives Fund Committee will meet regularly to award funds to organizations. Organizations can submit the application on a rolling basis. 
  2. When funds are awarded, the committee will send orgs an award letter through e-mail. The Student Organization Business Office will be aware of the e-mail and of the organization’s permission to use funds.
  3. When student organizations spend the funds, they will need to provide the GIF Committee co-chairs copies of their receipts. This will allow UISG to authorize the reimbursements SOBO provides from the GIF account. 

Past projects include:

  • Compostable Materials for a Zero Waste Event
  • Milk Weed Planting on the Westside of Campus
  • Sustainability Conference Attendance
  • Programming for the Culinary Ride
  • Sustainable Clothing Magazine
  • Garden at Lakeside Laboratory
  • Solar Car Competition

If you think your student organization may be eligible,  see the application here. Please send questions to UISG Sustainability Liaison Eden DeWald at

Green Event Guide

Green Initiatives Fund Evaluation Report

Green Initiative Fund By-laws