• 24 Hour IMU

    UISG provides funding for the Iowa Memorial Union to remain open 24 hours a day. The 24 hour IMU provides students with a place to study at any time, allowing them to use the River Room seating area, Hubbard Commons seating area, and 3rd floor ITC and seating area. Continue Reading

  • Textbook Tax Rebate

    Students who purchase textbooks at the University Book Store (also known as the Iowa Hawk Shop) are eligible to receive the six percent sales tax from their purchase back through a tax refund from the state of Iowa. Only textbook purchases at the University Book Store will be refunded. Continue Reading

  • Chalk Talk

    UISG is pleased to provide Chalk Talk, a giant chalkboard located in the IMU that allows anyone to post news or information about a club or event taking place on campus.  There are no forms or administrative approvals necessary to post on Chalk Talk and it is a great way... Continue Reading

  • Get to Know Me

    The Get To Know Me Campaign focuses on getting to know each individual. Diversity goes beyond our race or our religion; every individual brings diversity through their own unique experiences and identities. The Get To Know Me Challenge invites students to discover diversity around them. Continue Reading

  • Behind the Shield

    The University of Iowa Student Government is proud to present Behind the Shield, an episodic web series featuring interviews with University of Iowa Police Department and Iowa City Police Department officers, designed to give UI students a look at the people who keep our campus safe.  Continue Reading

  • Apartmentship in Recycling

    Over the course of two weeks in November 2013, University of Iowa Student Government worked on an “Apartmentship in Recycling” campaign to encourage property owners to provide recycling services for multifamily apartments. We conducted a survey which showed that 83% of students would be willing to pay a monthly $2.50/month... Continue Reading

  • Collegiate Readership Program

    The Collegiate Readership Program (CRP), originally created at Penn State University, currently reaches nearly 500 colleges and universities. Through the CRP, the UI provides students with a diverse selection of newspapers available at the 'swipe of a card'. Continue Reading

  • Safe Ride Taxi Service

    The University of Iowa Student Government has paired with Yellow Cab of Iowa City to provide FREE and safe transportation for all University of Iowa Students in an emergency situation. This cab service is meant to offer UI students emergency transport home to distance themselves from potentially dangerous situations. Continue Reading

  • Diversity

    The UISG Diversity committee has created a diversity spreadsheet in order for students to have quick, easy access to multicultural student organizations and their events. If you have any questions or changes regarding this spreadsheet please contact UISG Diversity Liaison Noopur Inani at or UISG Communications and Marketing Liaison Carter... Continue Reading

  • Student Credit Money Management

    2143-1-Student-Credit-Money-Management-Business-Cards-LA.pdf Continue Reading

  • Free Coral Ridge Bus Route

    919-1-8.5-x-11-Poster.pdf Continue Reading

  • Academic Affairs

    1. Notification of violation and sanction by course supervisor/professor Continue Reading

  • My Iowa City

    *Meet your City Council Continue Reading

  • Down Vote Hate

    Continue Reading

  • Sustainability

    UISG is committed to creating a more environmentally friendly campus at Iowa.  Here are just a few initiatives regarding sustainability that UISG has completed or works on: Continue Reading

  • Get to Know Us

    Multicultural student organizations and Fraternity & Sorority Life play significant roles on college campuses. Multicultural student organizations absorb a substantial number of active international students, celebrate diversity, and advance awareness of global perspectives. Fraternity and Sorority life embrace values like integrity, brotherhood, sisterhood, philanthropy, and community service while exemplifying these... Continue Reading

  • It's On Us

    A complete resource guide in English Continue Reading

  • Governmental Relations

    UISG is working tirelessly to advocate for another tuition freeze! This tuition freeze would be in effect for the 2014-2015 school year.  Continue Reading

  • Student Orgs Online

    Starting Spring 2014, student organizations may apply for template-based student org websites through the UISG's new Student Orgs Online on-boarding service. If you are in an organization without a website, and you would like one, apply for $100 in fiscal website funding now! Continue Reading


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