• Establish a professional clothes bank in the IMU: Here at the University of Iowa, students tend to have a limited amount of business clothes for professional occasions. Similar to the Food Pantry, instead of food, the clothes bank would aim to provide affordable business clothes for the University.

  • Track and publicize fee increases and expenditures alongside that of tuition: Students deserve to know where the money they pay to attend the university is going. UISG will work to publish a report of the line-item expenses the university uses student tuition dollars to cover.

  • Enhance student engagement and equity in Student Activity Fee distribution: In line with the fee spending transparency, we will publish record of what student orgs receive what kind of funding. The goal is to be able to provide line-item descriptions of SAF spending. Additionally, we will make the process for applying for funding more simple and accessible for student organizations.

  • Promote and connect students with financial literacy services offered by the Office of Student Financial Aid: There are numerous resources available to students that help with financial aid and financial aid education; the office of financial aid is not utilized to its potential. UISG will help promote resources like this as well as the resources we hope to provide during our term.

  • Encourage eligible students to apply for the FAFSA and provide support during the application process: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is confusing, and students often feel as though they are alone when filling this out. UISG will advocate for the simplification and better marketing of the FAFSA application process.

  • Advocate for a more accurate measure of income/wealth on the FAFSA: The FAFSA currently grants students financial aid based on the affluence of their parents. UISG will advocate for a version of financial aid that more accurately measures the income of students and not their parents.

  • Secure more privately funded scholarships: UISG will boost outreach efforts to alumni and foundations in order to procure scholarship money for students that is not reliant on state or federal allocations. Additionally, advocating for more merit-based scholarships will be a priority.

  • Create a website focused on how to live affordably in Iowa City: The Housing Affordability Task force and Food Affordability and Accessibility Task Force from President Zuckerman's administration will have outlined common problems and concerns involving housing and food affordability both on and off campus. The progress made by these task forces will be continued under the President Simpson administration.