Campus Climate

  • Combat bias and discrimination by promoting cultural competency: The University of Iowa currently lacks programs/classes for students, faculty, and staff regarding to cultural competency. UISG desires to create, build, and expand programs such as BUILD, IC Better Bridges, and General Education courses.

  • Expand the Community ID program within the student population: The Community ID program in Johnson county is a local-government photo identification program established to ensure that all members of our diverse community are welcomed and can participate fully in the economic and social life of our county. Expanding and encouraging the program to our student population would ensure a second form of documentation for all of our members of community. Benefits of the program include discounts when used at partner stores.

  • Integrate the Diversity & Inclusion Gen. Ed. into non-CLAS colleges: Currently the Diversity & Inclusion Gen. Ed courses are strictly available in the College of Liberal Arts and Science. UISG believes that all students should have access to these courses and will pursue the expansion to other colleges here at the University of Iowa.

  • Offer food funding for cultural events hosted by student organizations: UISG has recognized that student organizations have had trouble in the past getting food for cultural events. Bridge UI will aim to increase funding for these events in desire of supporting student organizations on campus.

  • Diversify food options in Housing & Dining marketplaces and retail locations: UISG has observed a lack of diversified food options throughout the University. UISG aims to seek out new ways to provide food in the Housing & Dining marketplaces and retail locations through working with Housing & Dining to support and advocate for our minority groups and international students in regard to food choice.  

  • Support efforts of Student Disability Services: The University of Iowa can improve on the outreach and impact of the  Student Disability Services. UISG will collaborate with Student Disability services to learn how to better support students with disabilities on campus and ensure that the services are accessible to all students.

  • Host monthly community discussions: In past years there has been shortfalls on the awareness of the ever changing issues that students face. UISG plans to host a monthly community discussion on campus to stay informed and to make any pivots if need be.

  • Celebrate multicultural holidays: The University currently only celebrates a handful of holidays that aren’t all-encompassing. UISG plans to work with the University to acknowledge and celebrate unique holidays through announcements on social media accounts through the University, changing Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day, and adding holidays to University Calendar.

  • Increase first generation outreach: A large portion of our student body are the first in their families to go to college. UISG aims to continue to elevate this narrative among our campus in recognizing and supporting our first generation students as they pursue their diploma.