• Develop a better search tool for courses on MyUI: You may have been frustrated in the past when searching a keyword on MyUI, the program only gave you classes with that keyword in the courses name. UISG wants to make searching easier for students  by advocating for search tools to not give students courses with the keyword in the name, but give them classes themed around the keyword they search for.

  • Encourage instructors to post course descriptions and syllabi on MyUI: UISG will work to have professors add their course description and personal syllabus to MyUI. This will be beneficial as it will help students have a better understanding of what they will encounter in the course.  

  • Provide textbooks for courses in the Main Library: It is expensive to go to a university such as this one. To help student’s cost for education to decrease, UISG will work with the library and professors to make sure textbooks are made available for students.  

  • Increase the the number of courses serviced by Supplemental Instruction: UISG knows the importance of Supplemental Instruction. The goal of this initiative here is to expand the tutoring services that this program provides. We want to add more entry level classes to the program, while also working to add higher level courses. Students should have the necessary support and resources to academically successful. Academic success is a priority for this team and we want to do all we can to help students reach it.

  • Continue assessing the feasibility of Success@Iowa offline: Have in-person classes to educate and empower students to know how to handle difficult situations/topics. Educate students about the importance of mental health during Success at Iowa-preferably something done in person through On Iowa! groups or through RAs in residence halls, Financial Literacy , Sustainability Education in Success @ Iowa, Bridge UI will help to educate students on the definition of intersectionality. The goal of this would be to raise overall class consciousness of the student body. Education should be given in person on campus; discussions should not patronize or demean students who do not know the meaning of intersectionality

  • Advocate for more interdisciplinary teaching and curricula: This style of teaching could greatly benefit both the education staff and student experience here at the University of Iowa. UISG will work hard to advocate for collaboration amongst academic campus departments in forming a curriculum for students. With this style of teaching students no matter their major will be able to walk away from the course with enhanced knowledge.

  • Expand and strengthen our pre-professional preparation programs: Many of our undergraduate students aspire to pursue their education beyond their undergraduate degree and continue their path onto graduate programs like law school, dental school, medical school, etc. UISG will continue to work with individuals and departments on campus to expand and strengthen pre-professional programs that will prepare students to continue their higher education.

  • Advocate for Transfer Student Support: Advocate for an integrated student life for transfer students at the University of Iowa by working with Transfers Leading change, Office of Admissions, On Iowa, Housing and Dining and other organizations and departments to make sure that the services provided to transfer students are sustainable and in lines with their needs.