Health & Safety

  • Assist with and advocate for the implementation of the Anti-Violence Plan: The University’s Anti-Violence plan was created after the 2015 Speak Out survey to “end sexual misconduct, dating violence, and stalking” as well as aid the victims of such acts. UISG will aid and assist wherever possible in the implementation of this plan throughout the University of Iowa.

  • Aid the Department of Public Safety in implementing an active shooter protocol: The University of Iowa currently lacks a dedicated protocol in the event of an active shooter. UISG seeks to work along the Department of Public Safety and local law enforcement agencies in developing a plan specifically tailored to the University of Iowa and the surrounding area.

  • Advocate for increased mental health resources in the residence halls: Beginning in 2016, counseling services have been embedded in residence halls to meet the growing need of such services. UISG seeks to promote already-existing resources available to students living in the residence halls, as well as expand the amount of mental health resources on-campus students can access.

  • Better transportation to off-campus housing: Transportation to off-campus housing is currently too infrequent or otherwise unable to meet the needs of many students. UISG seeks to work with the City of Iowa City to expand the hours and routes of off-campus shuttles in addition to making other sustainable forms of transportation such as bicycling safer and more convenient for students.

  • Extend weekend Cambus services: Cambus operations on the weekends are often too infrequent and run too short for many students. UISG plans on working with Cambus to develop new plans to expand Cambus operations on the weekends-especially for students living at Mayflower.

  • Ensure the safety and security of off-campus housing: Students should have safe and secure housing off campus. UISG will collaborate with the Iowa City City Council to require working locks on off-campus apartment buildings, deadbolts on apartment units. We will also advocate for property management company employees to have background checks before being allowed to access apartment units.

  • Improve accessibility to affordable, healthy food: It is recognized by UISG that many students at the University of Iowa currently lack reliable access to affordable, healthy food. In response, UISG seeks to improve access to such foods by many means, which include, but are not limited to the expansion of the food pantry, the promotion of gardening on campus, and the introduction of healthier drink options at dining locations on campus.

  • Advocate for more nutritious, local food options in Housing & Dining retail locations: Although there have been many improvements in increasing access to more nutritious and local food options at Housing & Dining retail locations in recent years, UISG realizes that there is still much room for improvement. Possibilities include, but are not limited to the introduction of water bottle refilling stations and separate water dispensers in dining halls, the usage of campus garden produce by UH&D, and the introduction of a wider variety of non-fried foods at C-stores.