Leadership & Engagement

  • Establish a UISG Strategic Communications Team in the Executive Branch: Work on establishing an entire Strategic Communication team lead by the Communications Director-Social Media, media, photographer, videographer, graphic designer etc,and even a UISG Blog - like Iowa Now to reach out to the student body and establish sustainable communications systems with our constituents.

  • Post monthly video updates on student issues and UISG’s progress: In order to increase transparency and to humanize UISG leaders, we would like to have videos to keep students updated of UISG’s work.

  • Hold monthly roundtables with leaders from student governance groups: UISG will work to have sustainable communication channels for with Res Ed(RA's), Student Orgs and departments, work and collaborate with these groups for different initiatives.

  • Reform UISG elections to be more accessible and inclusive: Work with the Election Reform Task Force, and Make it a known thing that ANY STUDENT CAN RUN FOR UISG, and make the process easy and inclusive and encourage people to join UISG by sustainable advising throughout the year.

  • Include non-UISG members in committees and task forces: Involve others! There are many students who would love to be involved and engaged with initiatives and projects-only if they know about the same though.

  • Hold UISG meetings in an accessible location and invite non-UISG members to participate: Publicize meetings, Have an accessible meeting location, have a circular seating structure(or a U shaped seating structure), Have a few open mics at UISG, and work on ways to actually get students to engage with the UISG process, Have senators and execs actually present once per semester on what they have been working on.

  • Advocate for students at the local, state, and national levels of government: Advocate at the local, state, and federal level for a number of issues pertaining to students including: tuition affordability, education accessibility, and campus safety.