Safe Ride Taxi Service

The University of Iowa Student Government has paired with Yellow Cab of Iowa City to provide FREE and safe transportation for all University of Iowa Students in an emergency situation. This cab service is meant to offer UI students emergency transport home to distance themselves from potentially dangerous situations. It is available from the hours of 7PM - 7AM. 

Safe Ride is now providing unlimited, free transport after a hospital discharge for students. These rides will not count against the one ride per semester. 

How it works:

If you are off-campus or on-campus and find yourself in an emergency situation, just pick up your phone and call SafeRide (319-467-HOME). SafeRide will bring you from your current location to your local address as listed in ISIS, or a medical facility for free.


SafeRide is a free late night transportation service for all genders. If you find yourself in need of an emergency ride call 319-467-HOME(4663).

Other Relevant Contact Numbers:

Emergency (911)

SafeRide (319-467-HOME or 319-467-4663)

NiteRide (319-384-1111)

Johnson County Crisis Center (319-351-0140)

Student Legal Service (319-335-3276)

Campus Police (319-335-5022)

UISG (319-335-3860)


Want to learn more?

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