Student Organizations

  • Develop a universal room reservation system: Several room reservation systems currently exist for many buildings on campus, leading to confusion and inefficiencies. UISG advocates for a comprehensive and universal room rental system on campus to make the reservation process simpler and more efficient.

  • Establish a materials bank for student organizations hosting events: UISG advocates for the establishment of a student organization materials bank for decorations, equipment, and other materials that may be needed by student organizations on campus. This will help make running student organizations at the University of Iowa more affordable to run as well as more environmentally sustainable.

  • Compile funding opportunities into a single, well-advertised location: Funding opportunities for student organizations can be hard to find, and are currently scattered among a number of disparate locations. UISG seeks to make available funding for student organizations easier to find by integrating all funding opportunities into a single, well-advertised location on campus.                 

  • Assess the fairness of the Citation and Arrest Policy imposed on Greek councils: The Citation and Arrest Policy was created by a group of UI staff, faculty, as well as Greek chapter leaders in 2011 to reduce the number of alcohol-related arrests and citations by members of fraternities or sororities. UISG seeks to assess the degree of fairness in which this policy is enforced among fraternities and sororities as well as evaluate removing gender-specific averages in favor of a universal average of tickets that is to be applied equally to fraternities and sororities.

  • Support the National Panhellenic Council and the Multicultural Greek Council: UISG will focus on actively engaging with and advocating for NPHC and MGC as they strive to continue to flourish in the context of the Fraternity and Sorority Life community at Iowa.