• Develop a Sustainability Statement for syllabi: Sustainability must be held as a top priority in all aspects of student life. UISG will advocate for an addition to syllabi that states the expectations of students, faculty, and staff to practice sustainability in the classroom and elsewhere.

  • Encourage classes to collaborate with student organizations to utilize the Green Initiatives Fund (GIF): The GIF is a grant offered through UISG & GPSG for student organizations that have projects that promote sustainable innovations, practices and initiatives. UISG would like to work on expanding the funding for GIF and advertising the fund more effectively among student organizations, and encourage collaboration between student organizations and classes based around Sustainability.

  • Develop a sustainability commitment for student organizations: UISG will work to educate students, student organization in particular, on how to be sustainable. A reward system for students demonstrating excellent sustainable behavior through the EcoHawks Commitment to Sustainability program will be created.

  • Advocate for UI to become a Platinum Bicycle Friendly Community: UISG will advocate for the University of Iowa to expand bicycling accessibility of campus. Encouraging students to bike more by providing access to bicycle maintenance will also be a priority.

  • Prioritize sustainable purchasing at UI & at retail locations: Work with the University Housing and Dining product purchaser to incorporate more food packaging that has been sustainably produced and is able to be recycled or composted. Collaborate with merchandise purchasers across campus to provide more sustainable products.

  • Expand composting throughout campus and the community: Expand composting on campus and streamlining the process in order to educate students on how to divert waste as effectively as possible. Continue to advocate for the University of Iowa to create a composting facility to process food waste into compost for fertilizing campus grounds and gardens.

  • Advocate for a Sustainability Coordinator for UI for outreach and engagement about sustainability: for more engagement and outreach to Student Organizations, Classes, UI Departments, Residence Hall floors, FSL organizations. Sustainability Coordinator will work on developing, coordinating and administering programs based around education and awareness about sustainability and assisting with other programs run by faculty, staff and students.