The UISG Demographics Survey was started the Spring of 2018 to help understand the make-up of the student government body and understand the representation issues that occur or might occur. Using data analysis and survey methods, the UISG Demographics Assessment Team (D.A.T.) will create and distribute the survey and provide a report at the end of each semester discussing the recommendations to help alleviate inequities in representation and understand predictive trends that will occur. The purpose of the UISG D.A.T. and Demographics Survey are to establish a researched background and understanding of student representation and provide researched-evidence in what actions UISG can do to provide all students with representation.

Demographics Report: 

- Fall 2018 Report 

Demographic Assessment Team:

Tristan Schmidt:

"I joined UISG DAT to ensure that we adhere to the Student Bill of Rights and the right to be represented by a democratic student government. This opportunity allows not just myself, but future generations of UISG members to work towards equitable and accessible representation for any and all students."

 Alexia Sanchez: 

"I joined the DAT because I believe UISG should always strive towards representing UI student body to the best of its ability. The surveys conducted and the research behind our work are stepping stones towards best representing the needs of students on campus. I truly believe representation matters on all levels of government and advocacy. It is important for UISG to look at where we are succeeding - but also where we could improve. "

 Herbert Meisner:

"I joined DAT to utilize my research skills and turn them into action. The student body deserves to know how they are represented in student government and deserve feel transparency of who they're elected and appointed representatives are."