UISG Public Office Hours

Executive Cabinet members of UISG have weekly office hours when they are available for you to come in and talk to them in the UISG office (unless otherwise stated). Though they are likely in the office more often than what is listed here, these are times for you to know when a given person should be in the office if you're trying to find them.


Name Email Position Office Hours  
Alex Bare alexander-bare@uiowa.edu Director of Justice and Equity
Wednesdays & Fridays, 2:30 - 4 PM
Allexis Mahanna allexis-mahanna@uiowa.edu Secretary By appointment. Allexis-mahanna@uiowa.edu
Anthony Haughton anthony-a-haughton@uiowa.edu Director of Student Services
Mondays, 3 - 5 PM
Austin Wu austin-wu@uiowa.edu Deputy City Council Liasion Monday and Wednesday, 1:15 - 3:15 PM
Connor Wooff connor-wooff@uiowa.edu Deputy Director of Governmental Relations Wednesdays, 3 - 5 PM
Gustave Stewart gustave-stewart@uiowa.edu City Council Liaison
Mondays, 11 AM - 12 PM
Haley Gion haley-gion@uiowa.edu Deputy Director of Finance By appointment. Haley-gion@uiowa.edu
Heath Schintler heath-schintler@uiowa.edu Vice President
Wednesday, 2:30 - 3:30 PM
Herbert Meisner herbert-meisner@uiowa.edu Director of External Relations By appointment. Herbert-meisner@uiowa.edu
Hira Mustafa hira-mustafa@uiowa.edu President By appointment. hira-mustafa@uiowa.edu
Ioannis Koutsonikolis ioannis-koutsonikolis@uiowa.edu Director of Sustainability By appointment. Ioannis-koutsonikolis@uiowa.edu
Kristen Ahrens kristen-ahrens@uiowa.edu Director of Communications By appointment. Kristen-ahrens@uiowa.edu  
Kyle Scheer kyle-scheer@uiowa.edu Cabinet Director By appointment. Kyle-scheer@uiowa.edu
Lauren Phalen lauren-phalen@uiowa.edu Executive Assistant By appointment. Lauren-phalen@uiowa.edu
Micah Augusma micah-augusma@uiowa.edu Director of Health and Safety Wednesdays, 12 PM - 2 PM
Noel Mills noel-mills@uiowa.edu Director of Finance Tuesdays, 11 AM - 2 PM
Tristan Schmidt tristan-schmidt@uiowa.edu Director of Academic Affairs By appointment. https://calendly.com/tristanschmidt