Executive Assistant

Administrative Affairs:


The Executive Assistant will work specifically with the President and Vice President to support their day-to-day responsibilities. This position may involve assisting the President and Vice President with scheduling, researching initiatives, coordinating travel, responding to inquiries from campus and community partners who contact the President or Vice President and other duties to assure the smooth operation of the Executive Branch and UISG as a whole. The Executive Assistant will also help the President and Vice President with duties related to the Association of Big Ten Students and other national involvements. The Executive Assistant also aids in maintaining the organizational cleanliness of the office and keeps track of the different office supplies. Ideally, the Executive Assistant will spend time working on long term research projects to look into what UISG can be doing to better optimize efficiency or benefit students. This position will serve a minimum of 10 office hours per week.


Senate Relations: The Executive Assistant plays an adaptive role in that it can oversee any committee they deem appropriate. The Executive Assistant also helps co-ordinate any important events that could unite the Senate and the Executive Branch (inauguration, Tuesday after meeting trivia etc.)


Platform Initiatives: The Executive Assistant plays a fluid role in working on initiatives, working on different items as the President and Vice President see fit. Initiatives can range from getting students access to course evaluations to mental health campaigns.


Student Body: Generally, the Executive Assistant helps communicate to students when the President and Vice President see fit. They may release any statements sponsored by the President and Vice President.


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