Power Down Over Spring Break

Posted on March 14

[Message from the Office of Sustainability] Are you leaving your office or living space over spring break? Here are some ways to power down and help the University of Iowa save energy. 

  • Unplug unnecessary appliances including coffee pots, televisions, phone and electronic device chargers, and other electronics that use energy even when turned off (aka phantom loads).
  • Turn off unneeded equipment such as desk lights, fans, printers/copy machines, speakers or monitors. Before turning off or unplugging your work computer, talk with your local computer support person.
  • Turn off research equipment, where possible.
  • Close and lock windows and outside doors.
  • Report any maintenance problems such as leaky faucets, or windows that won't close or extreme room temperatures. 

Have a great spring break!

These energy conservation efforts are part of the University of Iowa's 2020 Sustainability Vision, which includes a goal consuming less energy on campus in 2020 than consumed in 2010 despite projected growth. See http://sustainability.uiowa.edu/ for more information.

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