What is UISG?

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The University of Iowa Student Government (UISG) exists, at its core, to empower University of Iowa students through student centered advocacy. One of the most notable roles of UISG is to allocate approximately $1.7 million of the student activity fee to fund student organizations, leadership development, and numerous student services. UISG also works to improve students' everyday experience by providing services like 24 hour access to the IMU, a free bus route to Coral Ridge Mall, Student Legal Services, Student Credit Money Management Services, Safe Ride, and more. Similar to the U.S. federal government, UISG consists of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branch. These three branches work together to help UISG function efficiently.


The Executive branch consists of fourteen passionate individuals who tackle major campus issues in pursuit of bettering the lives of UI students. It includes the President, Vice President, Chief of Staff, Executive Assistant, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Communications, City Council Liaison, Vice City Council Liaison, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Government Relations Liaison, Secretary, Director of Sustainability, Director of Safety, and Director of External Relations. After the spring election, the President, Vice President, and the top three vote-getters hold interviews to fill Executive positions. Once filled, the new Executives begin their duties, working a full calendar year from May to May. Throughout the year, the Executive branch and Legislative branch work together to accomplish the various initiatives that the President and Vice President ran on in the spring.


The Legislative branch consists of 50 senators who write and vote on legislation that advances students’ interests at the University of Iowa. The Senate meets weekly on Tuesdays at 7 PM. These meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend and hear what policies the senators are discussing that week. After discussing legislation, senators break up into committees. Senators choose two committees to serve on based on their individual passions and interests. There are nine committees, which are: Academic Affairs, Community and Outreach, Diversity, Governmental Relations, Internal Affairs, Safety, Student Assembly Budgeting and Allocating Committee (SABAC), Student Life, and Sustainability. Senators work diligently throughout the year to pass legislation that improves the UI campus.


The third branch of UISG is the Judicial branch. This branch is made up of six justices and one Chief of Justice. The Judicial branch holds various responsibilities, including hearing complaints submitted by the Student Elections Board and the Student Parking Appeals Review Committee. In addition, the Judicial branch has a member who serves as the Elections Commissioner, meaning they create bylaws to regulate behavior during UISG elections and make sure all processes are ethical. Together, the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branch work in unity to help UISG function efficiently to benefit all University of Iowa students.  

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